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Road Trip is More Accessible with Dhanunjaya Travels Services
19.06.2014 15:27

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Dhanunjaya Travels is one of the favorite bus services of most passengers in South India. Connecting all the major cities in this region, Dhanunjaya Travels offers many customer-friendly and economic services in this region. The company started it services in 2004 at a humble level. The founder of Dhanunjaya, BVS Sai Raju is a renowned entrepreneur. From its inception at a very humble level to now as a leading service provider in the road travel industry, Dhanunjaya Travels always remained on top of the customer preference throughout the years.



The company’s fleet now consists of more than 50 most modern bus models. The services are now offered by covering the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Pondicherry. The company has a high acclaim in terms of service quality and many of the passengers has given a high rating to this service provider in online reviews. All the staff and drivers of Dhanunjaya Travels are professionally trained to offer highest comfort to the passengers.



The major routes now covered by Dhanunjaya Travels buses are Hyderabad - Bangalore, Hyderabad - Chennai, Hyderabad - Pune, Hyderabad - Tirupathi, Hyderabad - Visakhapatnam, Bangalore - Vijayawada, Hyderabad - Kakinada, Hyderabad - Rajahmundry, Shirdi - Hyderabad, Hyderabad – Tatipaka, etc. Economic road travel is the main motto of the company, and this is the major reason making Dhanunjaya the favorite of many. Ticket booking for Dhanunjaya Travels buses is also made online now, which is a very easy option for the passengers to make use of. Tickets to any routes can be booked from anywhere and the payment can be made easily through the secured payment gateway



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